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Weight loss with herbs – Lapacho

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Lapacho tea

Lapacho tea is known mainly in areas of South America. It is also referred to as the tea of Incas and its bark was used as a medicine by Inca rulers. Lapacho is particularly popular in Brasil. Nowadays it is grown in the territory of Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and northern Argentina. The inner bark tea, which is coloured red, is obtained from trees called Lapacho Corado and Lapacho Moradi. Lapacho because of its healthy effects became very famous in Western World in the 90-ties of 20th century. It is very popular because of its beneficial effects on health, mainly on weight loss process.

Production of Lapacho tea

The tea is prepared from a bark of the tree. After the harvest is the valuable inner bark separated and dried in a dark room with high temperature. In the next step the bark is cleaned from remaining leaves and soil in a water bath. During home preparation, you can try a tea blend coming from the lapacho tea used in amount of 4 teaspoons per 1L of hot water. It is recommended to let the tea boil for another 5 minutes and afterwards let it brew for 15 – 20 minutes. It is very good to avoid using of aluminium containers during its preparation.

Description of Lapacho

Lapacho has a characteristic strong earthy flavor. If you do not like a heavy flavor of the tea, you can sweeten it a bit.

Effects of Lapacho

Lapacho is caffeine free but it contains number of essential vitamins and minerals, for example iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iodine, boron and barium. It prevents various diseases and is a natural antibiotic. Regular drinking of this tea reduces the risk of arthritis, diabetes, cancer, intestinal problems and urinary tract infections. It relieves symptoms of the flu, colds, burns and yeast infection. Lapacho might be very effective aid of mitigating adverse effects of some chronic diseases. Beneficial effects of lapacho have been also confirmed in patients with HIV.

Lapacho tea and weight loss

Lapacho tea is a very strong fat fighter. It removes toxins and heavy metals from our body. It may help to remove deposits in the artheries. Lapacho tea improves the metabolism, strengthens our heart and circulatory system. It is diuretic with positive influence on the quality of sleep and it improves potency. Furthermore, it normalizes the blood sugar and is also suitable in recovering from mononucleosis and borreliosis. It might help to dampen the appetite what is very good for all who are trying to lose weight.

Side effects of lapacho

Lapacho is not recommended for children under 3 years old, pregnant and lactating women and is not good for people struggling with low blood pressure. Consider it’s drinking even If you have diarrhea.


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