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Milk Diet

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Milk diet raises a number of discussion and disputes in terms of its effectiveness and safe weight loss. The milk diet is one of the reducing low-calorie diet ensuring a weight loss. You can lose up to 3 – 7 kilograms during 5 days.

The Milk diet and milk

Milk and dairy products are the main component of your eating plan while being on the milk diet. Milk is very useful for our body, because of high content of vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals, mainly calcium. Presence of large amount of proteins in our body is ensured by the sufficient milk income. Furthermore, milk has a very good influence on our digestive system.

Milk diet and weight loss

Milk diet might ensure rapid weight loss. This type of diet supports excretion of excess fluids and helps you to get rid of your belly.

Eating plan of the milk diet

It is recommended to follow this diet 3 days, maximum 5 days.

Day One: 6 – 7 glasses per day. Drink 1 cup of milk every 2 hours. Have your first cup at 08.00 and the last one at 20.00

Day Two: 7 – 8 cups per day. Drink 1 cup of milk every 1,5 hours.

Day Three: 10 – 12 cups of milk. Drink 1 cup of milk every hour.

Day Four & Five: Drink 1 cup of milk every half hour.

If you are terribly starving, you may add some honey and mint into the milk. You can have some prunes as well. At the end of your diet, you may add a light salade. The next day, add a small portion of cooked foods low in fats. While following this diet, you should take vitamin supplements.

What to eat during the milk diet

You can choose from the following possibilities:

1. Milk & dairy products. The milk consumption should be substituted with yogurt, kefir and cheese.

2. Milk and tea. Add a few tablespoons of strong green tea into each liter of milk. Fresh unsweetened juices and pruns are allowed as well.

3. Milk + oat + eggs and more fruits and vegetables. The most recommended fruits are peaches, pears, bananas and apricots. Sour and berries, grapes, citrus fruits and even apples are forbidden. Vegetables: cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber and green leafy vegetables. Eggs – boiled. Oatmeal without salt and sugar. Spices – small amount of grated cheese, herbs, sour cream. This type of diet can be followed maximum 14 days.

Milk diet should not be repeated more 1 time per 1,5 – 2 months.


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