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Milk diet and oatmeal

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Milk diet with oatmeal belongs to one of the weight loss diets. It provides an effective way of weight losing, lower the cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer. Although oatmeal naturally suppress appetite, there are some health benefits of eating this food as well. Milk diet with oatmeal offers a healthy and effective way of weight losing.

The first week of the milk diet with oatflakes

Milk and oatmeal diet has its own daily ritual. Cook ½ cup of milk and add plain, not flavoured oatmeal. Eat a portion of this food for your breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as between the main meals for one week. Flavoured oatmeal and oat bars are taboo during this diet. By daily consumption of 900 – 1200 calories per day is dieter starting to lose weight already in the first week. This means that 5 – 6 bowls of oatmeal with skim milk are approximately consumed per day.

The second phase of the milk diet with oatflakes

During the next 30 days dieters consume one serving of oatmeal three times per day. However, other foods needs to be added as well in order to reach a calorie intake of 1000 up to 1300 calories per day. This might include ½ cup of fruit for breakfast and another ½ cup of vegetable for snack. Apples, bananas, carrots, berries, grapes, lettuce, peppers, oranges and spinach are the most recommended fruits. Flavoured oatmeal is allowed in this phase as well. Another accepted foods are chicken breast, fish and sugar free pudding. When the period of 30 days is over, dieters are coming through the so-called „off – diet“ phase, during which only one main dish and one smaller oatmeal snack are allowed every day. Later, when returning to the usual eating habits, the fat intake limitation is recommended.

Benefits of eating oatmeal

The regular consumption of oatmeal in combination with whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean sources of proteins and low fat products, will help you with your weight loss. Oatflakes are very good source of fiber which is causing to feel full longer, because in remains in our intestines for a longer time in comparison to refined grains and simple sugars. It also has been proven that the consumption of the oatmeal with skim milk will improve muscle recovery after the exercising.

Please talk to your health care provider before starting the milk and oatmeal diet, because it might not be suitable for everybody.


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