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13-Day Metabolism Diet

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The 13-day diet is supposedly designed to help you achieve rapid weight loss and increase your metabolism. Regardless of how you eat after you complete the diet, proponents of this plan claim, that the metabolism will be boosted and will last for up to 2 years. Always consult a health care professional before trying a new diet.

The 13-day diet is purported result in 5 to 10 kg, depepding on how much weight you actually want to lose. However, the most healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss is 1 – 2 kg per week.

How does the 13-day diet work

The metabolism-boosting effect is supposed to be achieved with the proper eating plan, not by exercising. However, the metabolism raising is the result of combination of diet and excercise. This is the most effective way to shed some kilograms and keep them off.

13-day diet metabolism and eating menu

If you follow this diet, you commit to a stric meal regimen that keeps the number of calories consumed per day at very low level. For example, on one day you get to eat three meals but on another you will consume just one meal along with two liquid meals that consist of water, coffee or tea. A typical breakfast is usually a cup of coffee with one sugar cube. Throughout the diet, you drink plenty of water. This diet is high in protein and severely limits some foods, such as dairy, grains and fruits.

So called calorie cycling or calorie-shifting is typical for this diet, when we are alternating low-calorie days with higher-calorie days. This can cause weight loss and change of metabolism rate.

Summary of the 13-day diet

This diet is extremely strict so it may be difficult to follow. The diet plan is not nutritionally balanced as it does not include foods from all of the food groups, including fruits, veggies, lean protein, low-fat dairy, grains and healthy fats. These meal products contain nutrients needed for proper functioning of our body.


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