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Walnuts do belong to the vitamin bombs

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The fruit of the walnut tree comes from Central Asia probably but it could have also come to our regions from the Mediterranean Sea. Walnut along with other oleaginous fruits belongs to the food with complex composition of nutrients and vitamins. Nuts are very beneficial to the cardiovascular system and our heart as well.

Nutritional composition of walnuts

Almost three fifths of the walnut weight represents fats. They contain 14.3% of high quality protein and 13.5% of carbohydrates what makes them to be a very suitable food for diabetics. Walnuts are great source of unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic and linolenic acid. Linoleic acid is very important in childhood because of creating a number of antibodies and nervous tissues. It might also lower cholesterol. Linolenic acid is a fatty acid that belongs to the omega 3 fatty acids. It may prevent blood clots, inhibit inflammatory processes and lower cholesterol.

Vitamins contained in walnuts

Nuts are also an excellent source of vitamins. In particular, they contain vitamins of B group (B1, B2, B3 and B6) as well as vitamin E and trace minerals (e.g. phosphorus, potassium, magnesium). The most represented mineral is zinc whose content in nuts is much higher than in meat.
B1 is very important vitamin ensuring proper functioning of our heart and the balance in our nervous system. Pyridoxine (B6 vitamin) is an important building block of red blood cells which ensures proper functioning of the brain. E vitamin represents a natural energy source which slows down the aging of cells, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke. Nuts also contain copper which is very important for iron absorption in the gut and in preventing of anemia. One of the biggest positives of nuts is the content of manganese which has a beneficial impact on the potency of both genders.

Using of walnuts in kitchen

Many experts recommend eating a handful of nuts every day what might represent 6 to 10 pieces. Nuts might be used and consumed in many different ways. Although they are real vitamin bomb, let’s not forget the fact that they should be a part of a varied diet.


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