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Weight Watchers Diet

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It has been almost 50 years since Weight Watcher came on the scene and started helping live healthier lives. It is one of the greatest diet programs in the world. This diet is based on 4 principles – regular physical activity, choosing of the right meals, supportive environment and developping of cognitive skills.

The basic message of the Weight watchers program is more moving and less eating. If you are interested in Weight Watchers Diet, you can join this program on the official web site.

Principles of the Weight Watchers Diet

Weight watchers programs is also called a dot diet, because of its assigning points to individual activities and meals which are based on a total content and energy value of fats and fiber in each specific serving. This diet, based on the point system, will help you with the right choosing of foods which are not not only rich in nutrients, but will keep you to feel full for a longer time. The Weight watchers program contains many healthy specific foods that will keep you satisfied during the dieting.

Basic foods are allowed in unlimited quantity and without additional weighting (reasonable servings of course). The points are given for foods, that do not belong to the group of basic foods.

Motivation is very important part of the program, mainly when we are weighed with recording of the result. If you will be succesfull, you will be allowed to celebrate it.

Regular physical activity is quite encouraged, but it might not have been a necessity. However, long walks recorded by a pedometer are recommended. The most ideal si to walk 10.000 steps daily, what is about 5 km.

Function of the Weight Watchers diet

This program is one of the reducing diets which through its eating and exercising habits motivates people to go for better lifestyle which should be kept for the rest of their life.

Pros of the Weight Watchers Diet

  • the program is suitable for both men and women
  • the program provides an exercise plan
  • the program provides an online counseling
  • the diet offers variety of recipes and foods
  • recipes are suitable for the whole family
  • the diet is recognized and effective for over 40 years
  • opportunity to download a free mobile application
  • no need to use any additional supplements
  • the diet ensures slow and steady weight loss (0.6 – 1 kg per week)

Cons and risks of the Weight Watchers Diet

Despite of many benefits of the Weight Watchers diet, this program is not suitable for everyone. The diet is not recommended for children under the age of 10 and for pregnant women. If there are any children under the age of 17 interested in participation in this program, they will need a doctor’s written consent . Weight watchers program does not accept anyone who suffers from bulimia. Sick people and people who are chronically taking medications must consult their Weight watchers plans with a care provider.


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