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The One Week Diet

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Weight loss over several months or years is not an easy excercise. Weight loss in one week is even more challenging. There are various one-week reduction diets designed for weight loss existing, such as weekly detox diet or one-week cabbage soup diet. If you are thinking to start one of them, be aware that is very important to know all their details and possible risks which might occur while being on them.

7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet

This diet offers a weight loss plan which includes unlimited consumption of cabbage soup per each day.The plan also covers various restrictions in food consumption during different days of the week. On the first day of the diet, consumption of fruit is only allowed, on the second day just vegetable, the third day belongs to the combination of the fruits and veggies, the fourth day is milk and banana day, the fifth day is the meat and tomatoe days, the sixth day is just for meat and vegetable and finally the seventh day belongs to vegetables, unsweetened juices and brown rice.

Detox Diet

A detox diet is designed to cleanse your bode of toxins and is based on the idea of getting rid of the waste, that was not has not been removed. During the detox diet, mostly fruits and vegetables are consumed along with the increased fluid intake.

Benefits of the One Week Diet

The one-week diet and its diet plan will help you to lose weight quickly, for example 10 kg per week after one week of cabbage diet. These weight loss results might vary depending on the body, metabolism, portion sizes and physical activity. The one week diet offers a convenient way of weight loss, because all necessary foods are available at every grocery.


Please consult your health care professional before taking any weight loss decision. The one week diet offers fast results but they might not be permanent. While being on the detox diet, your body might lack the nutrients and after the completion of the diet and returning to the old eating habits, you will gain not only lost kilograms, but some extra ones as well. Detox supplements may represent healthy risks because many of them contain laxatives, which cause dehydration and depletion of minerals from our body.


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