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The Dukan diet

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How to lose weight with the Dukan diet

The author of the Dukan diet is french doctor Pierre Dukan. This weight-loss diet will modify your eating habits and help you not only to lose some weight but also to maintain your ideal body. The Dukan diet became popular in 2000 and since then thanks to the ads and media has its popularity been growing all over the world. In 2012 was the Dukan diet published and introduced in bookstores in Slovakia as well, and similarly as in other countries, it was one of the top ranking best-sellers.

The Dukan diet is characterized by following features: high in protein foods, low in fats, low in carbohydrates. The diet plan is composed mainly of proteins and vegetable.

Advantages of the Dukan diet

Do you want to know what is the main benefit of the Dukan diet? The answer is very simple – you can eat as much as you want. The credo of the Dukan diet is very simple – freedom. During this diet, you can eat anything you want from the list of 100 allowed food. You can eat any kind of food combination, any time you want what just might mean that you are not hungry at all. Another advantage of this diet is that you do not have to weight food or count calories.

The Dukan diet also makes sure that your body has enough proteins supplying necessary energy and you don’t gain the weight from them. You are not going to lose weight from your muscles but fat. Meat lovers do not have to be afraid, because meat is a real necessity food during the Dukan diet. Another interesting part of this diet are the days, when you can eat whatever you want. It is only one day a week in the third phase, once the first 2 phases are already completed.

The Dukan diet does not guarantee extreme results in a very short time. Instead of this, it does promise, that if you follow all provided instructions, you will be able to achieve your dream weight and keep it for the rest of your life.

Disadvantages of the Dukan diet

Before you embark on the Dukan diet, read up its disadvantages as well. The first one is related to the initial phase of this diet, which is considered to be quite radical because only proteins are allowed (e.g. beef, veal, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy products). The body might lack a lot of vitamins which are normally taken from the common diet and therefore is necessary to take vitamin supplements. In addition, the first phase is also accompanied by other undesirable effects, such as bad breath or dry mouth.

Another disadvantage of the Dukan diet is the lack of fruit and vegetable consumption. Fruit is allowed only in the third phase and just one piece per day. Noticeable phenomenon of „switching“ our body from carbohydrates to proteins might be headache, fatigue, nausea or irritation. Excessive doses of proteins might cause overloading of kidneys and may even threaten the cardiovascular system. These symptoms can usually last 2 to 3 days and will occur just for those, who strictly follow the instructions.

The last disadvantage of the Dukan diet is yo-yo effect, which is in many cases part of the final phase of completion. A lot of people after the diet completion usually return to their old diet regime and therefore their lost pounds quickly return back.

The 4 stages of the Dukan diet

The Dukan diet is a four-phase regime. Each phase is designed to help your metabolism working more effectively. It is essential to strictly follow all the phases so as will be ensured no yo-yo effect occurrence at the end of the diet.

The 1st phase of the Dukan diet – Attack

During the first phase you can lose some pounds just in a few days. Duration of the Attack phase depends on your goals when dieting. The first phase is necessary to follow as designed in order to avoid negative effects on your body.

The duration of the first phase depends on how many pounds you would like to lose:

5 kg 1st phase lasts 2 days
5 – 10 kg 1st phase lasts 3 days
20 kg 1st phase lasts 5 days
20kg < 1st phase lasts 7 days

Never hold the first phase more than 10 days!

In the 1st phase of the Dukan diet only proteins are allowed to be consumed – meat, eggs, fish. It is very important to drink at least 2 litres of water. If you hold the diet more than 5 days, you have to take multivitamin supplements as well.

The most suitable preparation of meat is cooking or baking and you have to avoid fried meat. If you consume eggs, the number of whites is unlimited but the yolks are allowed to eat maximum 4 pieces per week.

During this stage you can eat the oat bran which captures sugars and fats and provides feeling of fullness for longer time.

The 2nd phase of the Dukan diet – Cruise Control

In the 2nd phase of this diet you will get to your dream weight by alternating between days restricted to eating pure protein and days of protein with unlimited vegetables. The average length of this stage is based on the plan: 3 days for every kilogram you want to lose.
Proteins that are permitted are the same as in the first stage. In the second stage you will add vegetables into your diet plan. The oat bran is allowed as well and fluid intake should be 2 to 3 liters per day. You can also add Tofu cheese and start with some physical activity as well. The most ideal are nordic walking, jogging and skating.

The 3rd phase of the Dukan diet – Consolidation

This stage does happen when you have reached your desired weight. If you now return to your old eating habits, you will regain your pounds back very quickly. The length of this stage is designed to last as long as many pounds you have lost. For example, if you have lost 3 pounds, you will have to hold this phase for 30 days. Each lost pound = 10 days of the third stage.

In this phase, you have more freedom than in the previous stages. You can add one piece of fruit a day into your diet plan, except of bananas, nuts and grapes. You are allowed to eat 2 slices of whole wheat bread per day as well. Lentils, potatoes, rice and pasta is allowed 2 x per week as well as 200 – 250 grams of starch meals per week.

During the 3rd phase of the Dukan diet remember to consume once per week only pure protein meals

The 4th phase of the Dukan diet – Final Stabilization

During the Stabilization phase is your diet plan totally free. Once a week, eat only protein meals. There are no other restrictions in this stage. However, If you want to maintain your weight, you should keep in your mind that you will have to continue to eat healthy and do exercising regularly. This final stage should be maintained throughout the life. In order to maintain your desired weight, you have to follow 3 basic rules:

1. Consume three tablespoons of oat bran a day.
2. Take a walk up the stairs whenever possible.
3. Keep a pure protein day once a week.

Do you also belong to the believers of the Dukan diet or you are one of its opponents? What are your experiences with the Dukan diet? Tell us about them in our discussion below the article. Thank you!


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