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Rice Diet

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Meals consumption associated with the rice diet was already known in Ancient China. Meals of this diet consist mostly of rice gradually supplemented by vegetables and legumes.

This healthy diet consists of four 9-day phases. The first phase is based on 3 servings of rice foods prepared without salt and fats. In the second phase, rice is supplemented by cooked vegetables. In order to make this food more tasty, we may add a little of sea salt. The third phase consists of added pulses, and we may also consume raw or fermented vegetables during the last 9 days. Only water and tea are allowed as healthy fluids. As prohibited foods are considered smoked products, semi-prepared meals, milk, meat, eggs, fruits, potatoes and other cereals such as rice.

Meal consumption is based on a dietary regimen with a high content of complex carbohydrates, low in fat and simple sugar. However, they do not provide enough nutrients for the human body in comparison with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The weight loss is very realistic and fast, but the initial weight drop may be caused by fluid decreasing from our body. The extreme reduction of energy intake causes decreasing of fat storage, but because of lack of proteins, muscle mass will be reduced as well.
This diet leads to the addiction to a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and inclusion of vegetable into the diet menu.

This strict reducing diet may bring some healthy risks and therefore is not very suitable from the longterm point of view. Due to the insufficient intake of nutrients, some symptoms such as weakness, fatigue or headaches might occur. Another disadvantage is early termination of the diet. It is mostly caused by consumption of not vary tasty foods. After you finish the diet, the rebound weight gain usually occurs.

The rice diet is suitable for people whose desire is to lose weight very quickly, however they should remember to consult a health care professional first. The diet is not suitable for people with dietary demands increased (pregnant and lactating women, children, adolescents or older people).

This healthy diet is relatively inexpensive because of cheap and easy food preparation.

While being on the rice diet, it is recommended to skip smoking and drinking coffee, but on the other hand to add cold water hardening, meditations and stress prevention. The treatment should be aligned with the phases of the moon.


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