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Milk diet and bananas

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Milk diet combined with bananas belongs to the low-calorie diet offering many important vitamins and minerals. This diet is just perfect for those of us who want to yaw their usual eating regime for a day or two and lose some weight.

Method of the milk and banana diet

Milkd and bananas has been used in diets for years and has taken several different forms. However, the most popular is a diet that simply consists of two or three bananas eaten with a cup of skim milk at least three times per day. Dieters should also drink two litres of water.

You will lose weight on the Bananas and Milk Diet, although it will likely be a combination of both fat and lean muscle. The diet contains fewer then 1.000 calories per day, depending on the number of bananas you eat. A medium banana contains approximately 100 calories. One cup of skim milk provides 80 calories. So if you eat 6 bananas and three cups of milk, you will have consumed just over 800 calories per day. This will result in dramatic weight loss, but it may also make you irritable because of lack of calories in your diet.
Benefits of milk and bananas

Bananas are rich source of potassium which can stabilize your blood pressure and iron to build the hemoglobin in your blood. Skim milk contains lots of protein and no fat.

Modification of milk – banana diet

Milk – banana diet is very specific in content. However, some dieters modify this to include milk and bananas twice a day and add a low calorie, but nutrient dinner containing green vegetable and lean proteins. This modification will add some calories to the diet, but it makes it more palatable for more than a day or two.

This diet is lacking in many essentian nutrients and vitamins and should not be followed without the addition of multivitamins. Always talk to your health care provider before making any diet changes.


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