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Fit Diet

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The fit diet is one of the low-calorie diets, during which are certain types of food strictly forbidden as well as the over-eating. On the other hand, you do not have to count any calories in this diet.

Fit diet improves digestion, accelerates metabolism thereby promoting healthy weight loos using appropriate food combinations.
Basic principles of fit diet

One of the main principle of this diet is consuming of foods in specific combinations a day what should result in an increased nutrients absorption by our body and also increasing of the metabolic rate.

The fit diet emphasises increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, while the other foods should be completely avoided.

Forbidden foods:

  • white bread
  • dairy products
  • refined sugars
  • most of meat products
  • vinegar

For breakfast only fruit or fruit juices should be consumed.

Lunch consists of fruit, vegetable, lettuce and occasionally cereals.

For dinner fruit, vegetable and lean meat is allowed.

The eating plan described as the menu mentioned above has the effect of reducing calorie intake and hence the weight loss. The proper drinking regime is very important part of this diet.

Pros and cons of the Fit Diet

During this diet, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and juices are allowed in unlimited amount, while animal fats are reduced. The diet is not properly nutritionally balanced and does not provide enough nutrients.

The fit diet guarantees the weight loss by reducing calories intake, however is not very good from the longterm point of view.

Please talk to your health care provider before starting the Protein Diet.


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