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Cambridge diet

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Cambridge diet and Cambridge Weight Plan are more and more gettting into the consciousness of the people who are asking the question: „How to lose weight?“. Is this diet effective, does it help with the weight reduction, is it safe and will be there any yo-yo effect after all? In the following lines below, you will find the answers to your questions and much more…

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has accepted the Cambridge diet as a balanced way of eating and included it into the list of diets which do not endanger our health but it brings positive results. In Slovakia, there are Cambridge Weight plan programs approved by the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic.

Cambridge Diet & Cambridge Weight Plan and safe weight loss

Cambridge diet offers a lot of flexible programs for weight control. Well trained and experienced consultant will help you to solve the problems with your overweight during the individual sessions. Clinically tested programs are conducted under the auspices of doctors and thanks to them a possible alternative fat fighting therapy is existing. Cambridge Weight plan consists of several programs that are divided according to daily energy intake from 415 up to 1500 kcal and more. Based on your health status, the invididual program is chosen for you. If you have to replace meals completely, you should usually consume specially prepared products, which are nutritionally balanced and contain all essential nutrients.

Who is suitable for Cambridge diet:

  • the ones who want to lose weight healthy, safely and quickly
  • they who wants to lose weight slowlier
  • they who wants to rid their body of toxins
  • they who does not have time to prepare their meals throughout the day and to eat regularly
  • they who wants to maintain their weight
  • they who wants to support their convalescence
  • they who wants to consume products as a dietary supplement of excellent quality

Phases of Cambridge Diet

If you decide to go on Cambridge Diet, you should undergo different stages which will help you to achieve your desired goals faster.


Preparation phase consists of an entrance interview with a consultant where you will discuss whether it is a right time to start dieting. During 7 – 10 days, there will be a reduction of overall food intake, limitation of the carbohydrates consumption and keeping an eye on regular drinking regime.


In the phase of „weight losing“ is allowed to consume just the products recommended by your consultant. Some light physical activity is welcomed as well, but the most important is your adherence to the drinking regime. Any other food, except of tea, coffee and mineral water, is not permitted.


This phase is very important part of the diet. The more longer stabilization phase lasts, the lower risk of yo-yo effect might occur. During the Stabilization phase, there are gradually added those diet foods, which will optimally form the basis for healthy eating habits and will be followed up even after the dieting. Lean protein food such as lean white fish, poultry, curd cheese, white and green vegetable are added little by little as well.

Keeping phase

This phase is the last most difficult phase of the whole process of weight losing. On the other side there is no need to worry. You will stay in contact with your consultant even after the diet is over. If you do not return to your original and poor eating habits and you will begin to eat healthier, you do not have to worry about so dreaded yo-yo effect. Besided of losing some weight, Cambridge diet will help you to master new eating habits and to start with new, healthier lifestyle. You will learn how to make the right food choices and how to modify them. Except of that, the Cambridge diet can offer you a number of recipes and tips on how to lose weight and not give up anymore.

Is Cambridge diet safe and effective?

Cambridge diet, respectively Cambridge Weight Plan is a very suitable way of safe and healthy weight losing for those, who fulfill its conditions. For more information about this diet, please visit its official web page or talk to your consultant directly.


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