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Beverly Hills Diet

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The Beverly Hills Diet is a 35-day reduction program created by Judy Mazel. According to Judy, the weight loss can be achieved only by the food consumption in the right combinations and in the right order.

How does the Beverly Hills work

The Beverly Hills diet claims, that combination of protein foods with carbohydrates causes ineffective digestion and the food which is hard to digest will be converted into the body fat. Meals, that are digested faster than any other ones, have to be eaten separately. Fats may be consumed together with carbohydrates or proteins, however they have to be consumed at different times. If you include proteins into your diet plan as well, then they have to represent 80% of daily energy intake.

Beverly Hills Diet – eating plan

The diet plan is based mainly on fruits. Some of them have a special place there, such as papaya which softens body fat or pineapple with its fat burning effect.

Beverly Hills Diet Menu

Breakfast: Start the day with one type of fruit such as dried apricots or pineapple and you can eat as much as you want. After one hour, you can have another fruit again.

Then wait 2 – 3 hours before eating food from another food group.

If the next food you eat after fruit is a carbohydrate, you may eat them in unlimited quantity.

Lunch: For lunch, you can have an avodaco sandwich, lettuce, tomato and sprouts.

Dinner: The ideal example of the food for dinner can be rice with various types of vegetable.

Benefits of the Beverly Hills Diet

  • eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (water, fiber, vitamins and minerals)
  • simple recipes
  • no need of calories counting
  • the diet is low calorie and low fat, so you lose weight

Disadvantages of the Beverly Hills Diet

  • insufficient intake of calcium, iron, proteins and B vitamins
  • very quick and unhealthy weight loss
  • lack of nutritional value of food
  • difficult eating plan

Detailed menu can be found in the book New Beverly Hills Diet. The eating plan is ideal for those, who will strictly follow its rules.
This diet can help you to lose up to 7 kg. The weight lose can be rapid what is caused due to reduced energetic intake and drainage.
It is recommended to talk to your health care provider before starting the diet.


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