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3 Hour Diet

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The 3-hour diet is one of the low-calorie diets based on a principle of regular eating. Eating small portions every three hours throughout the day will help you to weight lose very quickly.

The 3-hour diet was written by Jorge Cruise whose diet philosophy claims, that to increase the basal metabolic rate is necessary to consume the food regularly what means every three hours. Keeping your metabolism at a high rate will help you to burn calories and fat continuosly and much faster throughout the day.

3 basic rules of the 3-hour diet

  • always have a breakfast within an hour of waking up
  • then eat every three hours
  • the last meal should be at least three hours before going to sleep

The 3-hour diet

In this diet, there are 3 main and 2 smaller dishes consumed throughout the day. The food intake is divided into 3 regular hourly intervals whilst certain foods are completely forbidden. During one day, you have to drink 8 glasses of water. If you drink coffee, you may enjoy it as well, but you have to drink it with 2 additional glasses of water what prevents dehydrating effects of coffee. Alcohol is permitted occasionally and only in small amount. Throughout this diet, you might also eat frozen and processed foods. One of the key to success while dieting is that dieter prepares its food by himself and therefore he/she knows, what he will be consuming.

The 3-hour diet is no based on low in carbs with high content of proteints, or with low level of fats. Meals can be combined according to the principles of the healthy nutrition. You choose appropriate foods from the food pyramide.

You may eat anything you want and by proper selection of food, you can be successful in the weight losing as well. The food has to have maximum of 1450 calories per day and thanks to that you can lose up to 0,9 kg per week. However, this calorie intake must comply with 3 hours interval. The diet lasts 28 days, with repeated cycle for those of us who need to burn more fats.

The diet is suitable for people who suffer with overeating in the evening hours as well as suppresses binge-eating behaviour. Meal-timing throughout the day can help people to change their eating habits and to teach them to eat regularly. If you do not like the 3-hour diet, read the article about the 8-hour diet.

As for each diet, you should firstly consult a health care professional about its pros and cons based on your individual situation.


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