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3 Days Grapefruit Diet

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3 days grapefruit diet is based on consuming grapefruits containing a component, which in combination with proteins is helping with fat burning and subsequently losing weight. This diet ensures a quick loss of weight, however mostly only water is expelled from our body. 3 days diet promises loss of weight up to 5 kilograms in 12 days.

Meals that are allowed in 3 day grapefruit diet.

In the morning, during the lunch, in the evening and before going to bed you should consume limited amount of food. Next, you should drink plenty of water. Coffee is allowed as well.

Recommended eating plan of 3 day grapefruit diet


  • two boiled eggs
  • two slices of ham
  • black coffee
  • half of the grapefruit


  • vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumber, reddish, leafy vegetables) with chicken, pork or beef (any amount, but not fried)
  • half of grapefruit or one glass of freshly squeezed juice


  • red and green vegetable (except of peas, potatoes, dried beans and corn)
  • beef or fish in any quantity
  • half of grapefruit or one glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

Effects of 3 days grapefruit diet

During 3 days grapefruit diet you should be consuming limited amount of saccharides and moderate amount of proteins. This type of diet belongs among low calories diets with only about 800 to 1000 calories a day. In fact, grapefruits have almost no significant role in losing weight here. Hence, numerous studies have shown that regularly eating grapefruit leads up to 3 kg of weight loss in 12 weeks (some people lost as much as 10 kg). The cause for this effect is that grapefruit leads to reduction of insulin levels in your blood and subsequently to weight loss.

Why grapefruit?

Grapefruit is a nutritious fruit with low calories content (66 – 84 calories), it has low glycemic index, is rich in vitamin C and fiber. All this grapefruit properties are making it a great fat burner. Some scientists claim that grapefruit contains special enzymes that are supporting the process of fat metabolism. The truth is perhaps somewhere in between. In any case, if you want to lose your weight fast, you should follow this 3 days grapefruit diet. It offers nutritionally balanced food that also contains fat burning ingredients.


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