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10-day fruit diet

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10 – day fruit diet is very famous for its rich combinatios of flavours. Fruit is very popular and we can prepare a lot of tasty meals of it, starting from a small refreshment, through some desserts up to various juicy snacks, which can make the basis for your eating plan during the 10 – day fruit diet. Menu of this diet consists mainly from fruit, what might encourage your weight loss and provides your body with necessary energy. 10 – day fruit diet has its pros and cons and therefore it is important to consider all aspects at its very beginning.

Function of the 10-day fruit diet

Since the most of the fruits contain a lot of fiber, water and calories, therefore is this 10 – day fruit diet perfect for your weight reduction. A diet based on fruits consumption might lead to decreasing of the calories intake what consequently reflects in weight loss. Although the weight reduction is not the main target of your dieting, you can start this diet only because you want to improve your health and benefit from fruits. Fruits contain many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber that protect you against chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Types of the 10-day fruit diet

During the 10 – day fruit diet mainly grapes, melons, bananas, apples, pears, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, nectarines, peaches and plums are consumed. We can also eat small amounts of vegetables, lean proteins and supplement with additional nutrients. However, some types of fruit diets allow consumption of fruit only.

Advantages of the 10-day fruit diet

There are a lot of benefits in this diet. One of them is getting rid of excess sodium from your body, which is usually received by eating of processed meals. Disposing of sodium from the organism leads to weight loss in quite short time, what can be very positive for those, who want to lose their weight quickly. Excessive consumption of fruit might reduce the risk of kidney stones, improve blood cholesterol levels, protect against several types of cancer, lower the risk of coronary heart disease and improve blood pressure. In addition, the high level of vitamin C can improve immune functions and support the restoration of body tissues. 10 – day fruit diet maintains and enhances physical health in general.

Disadvantages of the 10-day fruit diet

Despite of the benefits of eating fruit during the 10 day diet, there are some disadvantages as well. While dieting, there might appear some intense feelings of hunger with irresistible craving for fats, sweets or even salt mainly in the beginning. In addition, the fruit diet is associated with discomfort in the mouth, when our tongue can be covered with the film, presence of bad breath and general weakness of our body.


Being on the fruit diet for a longer time can bring many health problems. The organism can suffer from deficiency of the vitamins B12 and D, zinc and essentian fatty acids. Increasing of tooth decay, overal fatigue, osteoporosis, loss of hair and muscle mass, skin problems or breaking of nails might appear as well. People with blood sugar disorders might suffer from some adverse effects due to the high content of sugar in fruit. Diabetics and people who has problems with insulin, should talk to their health provider before starting the 10 – day fruit diet. This diet is not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women and elderly people.


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